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ESC’16: Televoting Points Reveal Explained

All points will be announced by the hosts
All points will be announced by the hosts

Christer Björkman has explained how the points at this years Eurovision Song Contest are to be revealed.

Unlike the previous announcement from the German national broadcaster NDR, all of the points will be announced by the hosts. The hosts will work their way up from 26th to 11th announcing the country name and then the number of points that they have received. The top 10 is then announced slowly to build up the tension, a stop also occurs at the top five to show who is left to get points and who could win the contest.

The televoting is being announced after the jury voting is revealed. The jury voting will see all 42 competing countries reveal their points via a spokesperson. In a change to previous years the spokesperson will now only read out the 12 points instead of reading 8, 10 and 12.

It was also announced at the press conference that the national televote will be shown by certain broadcasters. The points will be shown during the time when the winner leaves the green room and makes their way onto the stage. Around 30 countries will be showing their points in this way.

Source: Eurovision Press Conference

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  1. 30 countries? What happened with the remaining 12, aren’t they using televoting at all?

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