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Ann Sophie has something to say
Ann Sophie has something to say

Ann Sophie, the 2015 German representative, has published an interesting post on her Facebook account. It deals with her ESC experience and how NDR and the other cooperating labels and companies treated her before, during and after the show in Vienna. She also expresses her opinion on the choice of Xavier Naidoo:

A few words… I remember when we were in Hamburg in the summer with the team of NDR, Universal and Brainpool, shortly before it should go to Vienna. The last details were discussed, I was super excited and full of anticipation. We all very well understood each other, had fun, and I asked the others: “Will we understand each other so well, even after the ESC?” The answer was: “That depends on your result at the contest.” I thought that was a joke. Well it was …not. Mr. Schreiber said in an interview after the ESC that he would appreciate me as an artist and that he is eager to continue working with me – a statement I am very pleased about, however I then never heard anything serious from him again. I think Germany will take a correct decision by including hit writers, because one should be prepared for the ESC. And not by telling me: “Somehow, let’s see, time will tell.” To bring an authentic, successful singer [like Naidoo] makes sense in my opinion. Something I was not, according to the team. They told me after the ESC, that you – the fans and the audience – and I could not get connected, and hence I was ignored. Because of that, dear fans, there was no second video, no second single, and certainly no concerts. And not because I did not want. Dear Team and also dear Xavier – I wish you good luck, that you win, the whole of Germany can show that it was good and that you have made the right decision. For me, it was still a cool experience that I do not regret, for which I am very grateful and I do not want to miss. At least I was able to meet all my fans who support me to this day. I appreciate that immensely. You accompanied me on my path, which has now begun and you can look forward to what comes next.

Ann Sophie came 27th at the Grand Final this year in Vienna with zero points.

Source: Ann Sophie

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