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Slovakia: Hope Of A Return In 2016?

Could Slovakia Be In Stockholm?
Could Slovakia Be In Stockholm?

RTVS have this morning told that they have yet to rule out participation in Eurovision 2016.

The Slovakian national broadcaster has not participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since the 2012 edition in Baku, Azerbaijan. There has been a small amount of optimism that Slovakia may return to the contest in 2016 having participate in Eurovision Young Dancers earlier this year for the first time since 1998. Furthermore the return of the Czech Republic to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 may well encourage a Slovakian return .

In a statement from RTVS they say:

RTVS hasn’t been considering this matter yet. We will issue an official press release in case of development regarding our participation next year.

In previous years RTVS has ruled out participating in the Eurovision Song Contest very quickly after the contest has been held. The fact that three months on Slovakia is still keeping possibilities open regarding the contest is an encouraging sign of a possible return for 2016.

Source: RTVS

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