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Our Finalists!
Our Finalists!

The semi final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest has just finished with a total of 14 participants being selected to go into the final on Saturday night. A total of 20 participants took part in the show, with the Maltese public and a 6 person international jury selecting the qualifiers tonight.

In the final tomorrow are:

  • Chris Grech – Closed Doors (Chris Grech, Edward Mifsud, Peter Borg & David Cassar Torregiani)
  • Glen Vella – Breakaway (Kevin Borg & Simon Gribbe)
  • Jessika – Fandango (Philip Vella & Gerard James Borg)
  • Trilogy – Chasing a Dream (Paul Abela & Joe Julian Farrugia)
  • Christabelle – Rush (Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
  • Franklin – Still Here (Alexander Rybak)
  • Lawrence Gray – The One That You Love (Elton Zarb & Lawrence Gray)
  • Karen DeBattista – 12, Baker Street ( Jan Van Dijck & Emil Calleja Bayliss)
  • Daniel Testa – Something in the Way (Mins Ek & Charlie Mason)
  • Dominik – Once in a While (Elton Zarb & Rita Pace)
  • L-Aħwa – Beautiful to Me (Erik & Anjou)
  • Amber – Warrior (Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
  • Deborah C – It’s OK (Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
  • Ekklesia Sisters – Love and Let Go (Philip Vella)

Out of the contest are:

  • Raquel Galdes – Stop Haunting Me (Elton Zarb & Matthew Mercieca)
  • Danica Muscat – Close Your Eyes (Elton Zarb & Emil Calleja Bayliss)
  • Lyndsay Pace – Home (Boris Cezek)
  • Corazon – Secretly (Corazon)
  • Iona Dalli – Could Have Been Me (Philip Vella)
  • Domenique – Take Me as I Am (Adrian O’Connor)

The final starts at 20:45 CET, and can be watched live here.


3 thoughts on “MESC’14: The Finalists Are Announced!”

  1. I really love “Closed Doors” by Chris Grech. Wonderful song! Hope, Chris will represent Malta in Vienna. And, it is bad, what Raquel didn’t qualify for the final, she have a good song.

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