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Croatia: Return To Junior Eurovision?


Is Croatia Back?
Is Croatia Back?

Vladislav Yakovlev the Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has this morning released this tweet:

The tweet talks about Umag a popular Croatian holiday resort and ends in the phrase “Hvala puno” which means “Thank you very much”. The tweet leaves us on a tease as to whether Croatia who won the first Junior Eurovision contest in 2003 will be returning to the contest in 2014. Croatia last took part in Junior Eurovision in 2006.

Source: Twitter

8 thoughts on “Croatia: Return To Junior Eurovision?”

  1. Hello Anthony. The songs of China and Hong Kong dir the ATSF have been revealed.
    That deserves a headline

  2. Has anybody realized that Vladislav Yakovlev said that he is TRIPLE happy to receice these amazing news? So maybe that means there will be all in all THREE more participating countries in this year’s JESC! The other two besides Croatia could be either Azerbaijan and Moldova or maybe Spain and Norway if the talks with private broadcasters there had been successful!

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