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ATSF’14: China & Hong Kong Reveal Their Songs

All Songs Now Known
All Songs Now Known

China and Hong Kong have both revealed the names of the songs that will represent them at the 2014 ABU TV Song Festival. China who is being represented by Bibi Zhou will send the song “I Miss You Missing Me”, the song itself was released in 2010, you can watch the official music video for the song here.

Hong Kong’s entry is called “Xióngmao” which translates as “Panda”. The which will be performed by Fred Cheng, Fred Cheng is a popular singer and actor having starred in a number of film and TV series in Hong Kong and China. The song itself was released just a month ago, you can see the music video here.

3 thoughts on “ATSF’14: China & Hong Kong Reveal Their Songs”

  1. I have listened both songs and I think that Bibi Zhou’s song is the best of what I have listened till now.
    It’s the best song that China has sent to the ATSF

    1. I love Bibi Zhou, but Fred Cheng’s song is also a good one. His voice is nice and seems to have a good presence, but it would not be a winner in case that the ABU TV Song Festival 2014 turned into a competition.

  2. I love the songs that have appeared till now, but I’m expecting with a lot of interest the japanese entry. SEKAI NO OWARI is not my favourite J-pop rock band, but I would like to hear their song as soon as possible. I wonder when will be their single released.

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