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Here Are The 20 Finalists

NTU have today announced the 20 finalists in this years Junior Eurovision selection for Ukraine. Today a jury watched performances from all of applicants in the selection and then selected the 19 they wanted to see in the final. The 19 finalists they selected are:

  1. Elizaveta Zadoya 
  2. Polina Ryzhak 
  3. Anna Nikonov 
  4. Duo “Double Smile” 
  5. Sofia Yaremova
  6. Viktoriya Svjatogor 
  7. Trio “Smile” 
  8. Stasya Yevgrashina
  9. Duet “Star drops” 
  10. Mariya Tarnavskaya 
  11. Anna Lihota 
  12. Anna Trincher 
  13. Sofiya Rol 
  14. Yuliana Vasilovskaya
  15. Veronica Yerokhova 
  16. Duet “Sisters Boikova” 
  17. Denis Frolov 
  18. Vocal Ensemble “Fun” (junior group) 
  19. Yarina Taras

 The 20th entrant in the Ukrainian selection are the winners of “Academy of Music Eurovision”, the winners are Sofiya Kutsenko , Marta Rak and Amaliya Krymskaya, they will perform together in the final as a trio.

Ukraine’s national final takes place on the 2nd of August.

Source: NTU

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