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Malta have selected their entrant and entry!

Malta has selected its Eurovision entrant and entry tonight. After fourteen songs advanced to the final last night, TVM have held their national final tonight, thus Malta’s song is now known.

The fourteen finalists:

  • Amber – Because I Have You
  • Chris Grech – Oblivion
  • Christabelle – Love Tricity
  • Daniel Testa – One Last Ride
  • Davinia – Brand New Day
  • De Bee – Pin The Middle
  • Deborah C – Until We Meet Again
  • Firelight – Coming Home
  • Franklin – Love Will Take Me Home
  • Jessika – Hypnotica
  • Pamela – Take Me
  • Ryan Paul Abela – City Lady
  • Sophie Debattista – Let The Sunshine In
  • Wayne William – Some Kind Of Wonderful

After receiving the most points, Firelight are off to Copenhagen to represent the Mediterranean island in Europe’s biggest show. Their song is “Coming Home”.

Source: TVM

7 thoughts on “Malta: It’s Firelight for Copenhagen!”

    1. I agree with you, beccaboo1212. Sophie and Daniel were better. Why Firelight? It is on the medium odds. With this, I think Malta will unlikely qualify. If Sophie DeBattista or Daniel Testa would have been in Copenhagen, Malta will most likely be in the final. But now, it is unlikely to qualify.

  1. But its good more folk rock and acoustic is coming into Eurovision, its time countries ditched over the top pompous eurotrash ballads, and tacky pop entries e.g. One Last Ride, which was bad vocally.

    1. Thats the way you’ll get the Eurovision to increase its popularity in the UK, send good quality music, but Firelight isn’t that good either, it leaves a lot to be desired and is more or less an amateurish, cheap maltese attempt at a Mumford and Sons song, the lack of originality in the entry is astonishing imo.

  2. Malta is behind compared to the music industries of UK, Sweden, Germany… Its time they stopped producing this cheap, mediocre and dated entries, there was very little songs in that national final that went above average.

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