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Analysis: Junior Eurovision 2013

My Thoughts On The Results
My Thoughts On The Results

It’s the morning after Junior Eurovision 2013 so it is time to have a look individually at each country and reflect on how they did last night. We’ll be going from last to 1st place.

  • FYR Macedonia – Barbara Popovic – Ohrid i Muzika – 19 points – 12th

From what I saw last night, it was a good performance from Barbara, it was high energy and it looked good on stage. But it just suffered horrendously in the voting, giving Macedonia their 2nd worst result ever. The scored just 7 points after being given 12 points by the EBU, out of those 7 points, 2 came from Armenia and it managed 1 point from 5 other countries. It raises real questions as to whether Macedonia will take part next year.

  • Moldova – Rafael Bobeica – Cum sa fim – 41 points – 11th

While this may be Moldova’s worst ever result in Junior Eurovision, Rafael wins my most improved award from national final to the live show. For the first time last night I actually got the song and the performance worked for me. During the voting it did seem to just spend its time with San Marino fighting away at the lower points, but on the whole Moldova should be happy with the result. Yes they may look at not taking part in 2014, but I hope we seem them again next year as they are a good part of the contest.

  • San Marino – Michele Perionola – O-o-o sole intorno a me – 42 points – 10th

So it was San Marino’s first ever time on the Junior Eurovision stage and really 10th place is a very respectable result. While everyone would have wanted this to do a bit better, San Marino has no real partners in where it can get votes from. The performance was great, Michele was far more subdued in dancing than before and his vocals were good. Was it a Junior Eurovision song? Maybe not, but it is something that San Marino can look at. It will now be interesting to watch to see if San Marino stays in the contest, and brings Italy with them next year.

  • Sweden – Eliias – Det är dit vi ska – 46 points – 9th

Eliias did incredibly well considering that his voice was breaking earlier in the week. The lower key enabled him to still have the power that he had before and actually I think the song sounded far better. Sweden were never going to be in the top half of the board, 9th is really were everyone expected this to come. This wont lead to Sweden withdrawing from the contest, they will carry on and we’ll see them next year.

  • The Netherlands – Mylene & Rosanne – Double Me – 59 points – 8th

The Netherlands came at the back of the next pack of three, with a result that was a bit disappointing. It seems to be another case of Dutch not working so well at Junior Eurovision and a lack of Belgium to give them 12 points. The Netherlands do need to have a look at whether the performance they use at Junior Songfestival is appropriate for Junior Eurovision, as maybe it was the high school feel that put people off.

  • Azerbaijan – Rustam Karimov – Me and My Guitar – 66 points – 7th

Azerbaijan have managed to rise up the scoreboard by 4 places over last year and have proved that they are not quite the power house that they are in Eurovision. Rustam did perform very well, but at points he did seem a bit confused. Regardless it was fun to watch and Rustam seemed to enjoy himself. If Malta turn down hosting expect Azerbaijan to put a bid in to host the contest next year. On the whole Azerbaijan will be sticking around.

  • Armenia – Monika – Choco Factory – 69 points – 6th

This is shockingly Armenia’s 2nd worst result ever in the contest. Nothing really went wrong with the song or the performance, it was just the fact this year was incredibly strong. Armenia are a long-term Junior Eurovision nation so there is no chance they are suddenly going to pack up and leave. Armenia did well last night.

  • Georgia – Smile Shop – Give Me Your Smile – 91 points – 5th

Georgia have done their normal of finishing in the top.5. While I never liked this song and never got the appeal of it, Georgia know how to do Junior Eurovision and the song and act did well last night. From my point of view it would be nice to see Georgia let a different group of people decide on their Junior Eurovision entry, just so we can see who else is out there.

  • Russia – Dayana Kirillova – Dream On – 106 points – 4th

This is now Russia’s third 4th place result in a row. Russia provided a great modern pop song and a performance to match, I will though never understand why a boat had anything to do with the song, it didn’t harm it in any way. Dayana also proved she has a big voice and I expect that we will see her in another Junior Eurovision selection process before she goes over the age limit for the contest.

  • Belarus – Ilya Volkov – Poy so mnoy – 108 points – 3rd

Russia managed to give away their 3rd place by awarding Belarus 12 points. Belarus surprised me in how well it did, but now looking back on it Ilya did have some brilliant dance moves and the song really wasn’t that bad. Belarus will be very happy with getting their fifth top 3 finish in the contest, which isn’t bad at all. If Malta do turn down hosting Junior Eurovision, expect Belarus to put themselves down as a candidate to host the contest in 2014.

  • Ukraine – Sofia Tarasova – We Are One – 121 points – 2nd

Wow is all I can say, Sofia gave the performance of her life last night and her vocal was amazing. The home crowd support helped her hugely but 2nd place was a deserved place for this song. Ukraine were just 9 points away from winning the contest, if they had won they would’ve become the first country ever to do the double in Junior Eurovision. Also Ukraine has managed to really turn themselves around in Junior Eurovision from last in 2010 and 11th in 2011, to winning last year and coming 2nd in 2012. I’d also like to say thanks for a brilliant show Ukraine.

  • Malta – Gaia Cauchi – The Start – 130 points – 1st

If there was ever a country that everyone wants to win a contest in Malta, and frankly Malta deserved to win last night. Gaia proved once again that she has probably the best voice we have ever seen on the Junior Eurovision stage and maybe even the best balled. Malta are a country that we know will do Junior Eurovision well if they host next year and may even be able to convince me to pop over for the weekend. All I can say is a massive well done Malta, you deserved to win and we want you to host next year.

2 thoughts on “Analysis: Junior Eurovision 2013”

  1. I think we all expected San Marino to score better than they actually did, but atleast they made the top 10!
    FYRoM had terrible vocals, a shame because they are a returning nation and this result will do them no good for next year.
    Interesting this morning to read that Sweden, Holland and Malta have all said they will take part in JESC14 with the possibility of Germany and Hungary making their debut, and the chance of Spain returning, who were keen in 2013 to return if the contest improved, and Malta’s win has certainly improved things

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