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The Changes For Kiev
The Changes For Kiev

This years Junior Eurovision Song Contest has a different feel to all that have gone before. This years contest is at a transition point, with the change from the contest under Sieste Bakker and Svante Stockselius, to the contest under Vladislav Yakolev.

So the changes made to this years contest are:

Song Length – The songs have been allowed to increase in length from 2:30 to 3:00 long. This brings the song length far more in line with the average song length.

Postcard Length – The postcards have also been increased in length from 30 seconds to 50 seconds. This gives the participants far more time to introduce themselves to the audience at home.

Prizes – No longer is it just 1st that gets a prize, no 1st, 2nd and 3rd will all receive a trophy. But for the first time ever there will be a link between Eurovision and Junior Eurovision as the winner of Junior Eurovision 2013 will be at Eurovision 2014.

Running Order – The running order draw was streamed live in and show live on Ukrainian TV. The kids got to pick a box which contained the position they would perform in. This was reverting from a production team controlled running order.

Spokespersons – The spokespersons will be on stage to reveal each countries votes. This isn’t just a brand new aspect to the contest, but it also lowers the cost of taking part. The old way of announcing votes required a satellite link, the use of a studio and various technicians. While all that needs to be done now is to fly a person out to Kiev.

Earlier Start Time – The contest has been brought forward from 20:00 CET start time to 19:00 CET. The contest has been losing viewing figures in recent years and this is seen as a way of making the contest a better time for children. The contest in Azerbaijan for example would have started at 22:00, but now starts at 21:00.

Radio Broadcast – 98.8 Castle Fm & Radio Ukraine International are both providing the first ever radio broadcasts of the contest live from Kiev.

The 2014 contest and the evolution of the contest is something that we will watch closely in the build up to it.

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