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It's Not A Competitor To Eurovision
It’s Not A Competitor To Eurovision

Jon Ola Sand has told that the EBU does not view Türkvision as a competitor to the Eurovision Song Contest. He said that:

The EBU does not have a patent for organising music competitions. We do not see Türkvision as any competition to Eurovision but we will keep an eye to see how it develops

He went on to say that the EBU has never got a clear reason from TRT as to why they decided to withdraw from Eurovision. It is generally thought that they are not happy with the Big 5 and the introduction of the jury voting. He said that:

We have read the reports in the press but Turkish broadcaster, TRT, has never provided the EBU with an explanation. We would like to get in contact with them and do everything we can so that they will participate again. Turkey is an important country for the contest; always well-prepared and sending good participants and songs


1 thought on “ESC’2014: Türkvision Not Seen As A Competitor”

  1. TRT Director was quoted a few times already to say that Turkey will not participate again in ESC unless voting is changed (ie. total televoting) and that they do not believe it is fair in 2013 that the Big 5 get automatic entry to the final. I dont understand therefore why Mr Sand says the EBU do not know the reason TRT withdraw. It is good to see that Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Macedonia are taking part in Turkeyvision as well as Eurovision but Turkey are only taking part in Turkeyvision

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