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Time For Four More Entrants
Time For Four More Entrants

With the ABU TV Song Festival 2013 taking place in less than a days time, it’s time to look at the final participants from the final three countries taking part. These participants are from Hong Kong, Indonesia and the host nation Vietnam.


Mag Lam Is Off To Hanoi For HK
  • Name: Mag Lam
  • Representing: Hong Kong
  • Song: Time

Mag Lam rose to fame in Hong Kong after winning the second season of the Voice in Hong Kong. Since then she has become a rising star in the music industry in Hong Kong praised for her power and admiration from younger children in Hong Kong. Mag Lam has worked on an array of projects from shows to movies. Her entry “Time” is from The Season of Love a TVB series.

You can find out more about Mag Lam here on her Facebook page.


The Duet Representing Indonesia
  • Name: Putri & Shella
  • Representing: Indonesia
  • Song: Mimpiku

Putri & Shella are the only duet in this years contest. Putri and Shella were put together specifically for this years contest by the Indonesian broadcaster. As two teenagers they have both taking part in the singing contests before in Indonesia. It was rumored that Putri was going to represent Indonesia in 2012, but that she was replaced by the broadcaster at the last minute.


Half Of Vietnam’s Entry
The Other Half
  • Name: Ngu Cung Pentatonic & Van Mai Huong
  • Representing: Vietnam
  • Song: CAO NGUYÊN ĐÁ & Là em đó

Ngu Cung Pentatonic are a progressive hard rock, they try to tell stories of Vietnam’s landscape and culture through their songs. They have now reached the point that the band are wanting to spread the progressive hard rock message through Asia. Van Mai Huong is one of Vietnam’s biggest stars, known for her pop and R&B sound. Since 2000 Van Mai has been active in the Vietnamese music scence, in 2010 she came as a runner up in Idol Vietnam. Van Mai Huong has proved herself to be more than just a blip on the scence and continues to chart well.

For more information about Van Mai Huong click here.

To find out more about Ngũ Cung Pentatonic click here.

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