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Slovenia: Get Into The Spirit Of Eurovision


Slovenia Came Last With 8 Points In SF1
Slovenia Showed Eurovision Spirit

Last night during the announcement of Slovenia’s vote the spokesperson Andrea F brought the Eurovision spirit together more than any other Eurovision spokesperson last night, he wanted Europe to start listening to and voting for the songs instead of voting for a flag or neighbour. You can see the “WeR1 (Songs, Not Flags)”, on his suit during the Slovenian vote below at 36 minutes in:

I do apologise for misinterpreting Andrea F’s message, thank you Andrea for for correcting me.

1 thought on “Slovenia: Get Into The Spirit Of Eurovision”

  1. Hey Eurovoix – actually, I didn’t protest Slovenia’s not making it to the final… My LED badge read:
    “WeR1 (SONGS, NOT FLAGS)” – in the sense that, given this year’s slogan & spirit, and the undeniable fact that it is called “Eurovision SONG contest” it would be nice if we all started listening to (and voting for) the songs, instead of the flag/country/neighbouring nation/ex-comrade/supposed allies/supposed-to-vote-us-back/most liked/least hated/ etc etc.
    Applies to all & any country.
    No protest, and nothing political, in fact just musical, and just my own thoughts – because music makes sound waves, and usually does a lot worse when asked to wave flags, as history teaches.
    Kind regards,


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