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Participants Interview: Koza Mostra From Greece

Read What They Had To Say

It’s the first day of the rehearsals and we have had a reply back from the boys from Greece. We started off by asking Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis, how it felt to be going to Eurovision;

Congratulations on being chosen to represent Greece at Eurovision, how does it feel?

We feel very proud that we were chosen to represent Greece in this year’s Eurovision song contest and we want to try our best for the European audience to become ONE!!

There were fears going into this contest that Greece were going to withdraw, how would it have felt for you if Greece had not been at Eurovision?

This would not have been a decision of ours, we were invited to take part in our National Final… when we suppose all these matters were resolved. Eurovision is something really important for Greek audience and music can only join cultures and help surpass any difficulties.

Your song “Alcohol Is Free” is one of the more comic entries this year, what was the inspiration behind it?

Alcohol is free for us has a metaphor meaning, talking about the strength we must have in order to get over any difficulties of our lives. The lyrics are given through a humoristic way but the meaning is really honest. The style of music is really up-tempo and we hope that it will make you dance!

How are you planning to perform your song in Malmo?

We will dance from the bottom of our heart, giving all our energy and express our great passion for singing! That’s all! True feelings on stage from true music lovers!

Agathonas, were you ever expecting to go to Eurovision in your long career?

As I usually say, I can never predict my life! I participate in the contest in order to support  KOZA MOSTRA and show to foreign people “rebetico” style, a Greek traditional music style sung by people with strong and original personality.

Greece have not won the contest since 2005, do you think you could bring Eurovision back to Greece?

We will try our best for the best result! I hope WE WILL BECOME ONE and get a really interesting feedback!

Do you have a message for your fans at

We would like to thank the fans of Eurovoix for the great support. We need you all these days in Malmo and we invite you all to “break the rules” and dance with us… while thinking the situation where “Alcohol is Free” 😀

Greece will be performing 9th in the 2nd semi final and we wishing them all the best of luck for next Thursday night. You can watch the official video for their song below:

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