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Is Eirodzeisma being dropped?

The rules for the submissions process in Latvia have been announced today by LTV. The process opened today, new rules also came into force including the acceptance of foreign composers, but you can only enter 2 songs and they can’t be entered to any other countries. You still must be a Latvian citizen as in all of the other past selections.

What caught our attention today was the comments from the Latvian Head of Delegation. Zita Kaminska said “Latvia has an incredible experience in singing festivals and events, and, to my mind, it is about the time to transfer this feeling of togetherness and enthusiasm to the popular music events as well. That is the main reason to change the format and even the name of the National Selection”

The new name of the contest and changes have not yet been announced, however it is hoped that this will get Latvia back into the finals for the first time since 2008. Interestingly changing National Selection process’ worked well for its northern neighbor Estonia who have qualified for the final 3 out of 4 times since the new process was brought in.

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