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Baku’12: Analysis of 4th to 1st Place

She Deserved 1st Place

We are now down the final four songs and wow was it an amazing night in Baku, we saw everything from highs for many nations including Albania and lows for the Uk and Norway. Now we have the ones that did amazingly, here is 4th:

4th: Azerbaijan – Sabina Babayeva – When The Music Dies (150 points)

I thought Sabina’s performance last night was amazing she hit every note and her dress did look stunning. This was by far a stronger song than the one that brough the contest to Azerbaijan. Sabina did managed to get 4 sets of 12 points which is noting to be sniffed at. It was a good showing from Azerbaijan.

3rd: Serbia – Zeljko Joksimovic – Nije Ljbav Stvar (214 points)

Last year 214 points would have got you 2nd place just 7 behind the winning song, this year it gets you a full 158 points behind the winner. I think that Zeljko should be incredibly proud of his performance and the song, it was beautiful and stunning. It was a brilliant song that will probably end up being remembered for years to come. On the night it was by far the Balkan runaway, it just oozed character and showed exactly what you need to do in the contest now. Well done Serbia.

2nd: Russia – Buranvovskyie Babushki – Party For Everybody (259 points)

This was by far the cutest performance of the night and will be remembered for all the right reasons, the grannies gave it there all and they will always be remembered by fans for their charm. They received points from 40 out of 41 countries possible, Switzerland were the only ones that did not fall for the charm of little Babushki. Well done Russia and lest we never forget the Grannies from Buranovo.

1st: Sweden – Loreen – Euphoria (372 points)

Wow just wow, the best song won and I can see this being a global success let alone in Europe. It was by far the best song on the night and it just blew me away, Loreen was stunning she looked amazing on the stage and the performance was flawless. Loreen was just 15 points away from beating Rybak’s record which could have happened if Italy had given Sweden some decent points and a few other gave her just 1 or 2 points more. I am over the moon at the prospect of the contest going to Sweden, I think 2013 will be a contest we will not forget.

So that is it, we have gone from 26th to 20th, 19th to 15th, 14th to 10th, 9th to 5th and now 4th to 1st, 2012 will be a contest we will never forget.

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