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Total Points received: 10
Points received in the semi finals: 10
Points received in the finals: 0
Average points per contest:  3.33 (Semi Final + Final)

The Czech Republic had one of the worst runs in Eurovisionever seen in its history, they came last twice and their best result was 18thin their semi final; nevertheless we shall see who the Czech Republic votesfor. In 1st we have Armenia on 34 points giving 12 points to “JanJan” in 2009. Up in 2nd we have Ukraine on 25 points, last points went toKiev in 2009 when 5 points left Prague. 3rd we have Russia on 21 points, 8points went to Moscow in 2009. In 4th we find Azerbaijan on 20 and in 5th wehave Serbia on 14 points, 6 points went to “Oro” in 2008. Now let’shave a look at those lucky few who gave the Czech Republic points. In 1st placewe have FYR Macedonia who gave Tereza Kerndlova 5 points in 2007, giving 50% ofthe total points the Czech Republic ever managed. In 2nd we have Croatia givingTereza 2 points in 2007 from Zagreb. Finally in joint third we find threecountries, Estonia who gave the Czech Republic their sole point in 2007 toKabat, Turkey and Malta both sent un Pointe to Prague in 2007. Up next we haveDenmark.

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