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RTVAhas confirmed to Eurovision fan site JanelaESC that Andorra willnot be making a return to the contest in 2012.

Former Andorran Eurovision broadcaster RTVA stated they had no plans toreturn to the contest due to economic reasons, plus general disinterest in thecontest at the present. RTVA added that there are no plans to broadcast theevent as their programming currently has a focus on municipal elections andother local projects to take place in the upcoming year. However, RTVA did addthat if they can find a sponsor, they would consider giving Eurovision anothergo, but acknowledged that it would be difficult to come by. This means there is a slight possibility of Andorra coming back in 2012 but they have just over 2 months to find a financial backer if they can go to Baku.

You can listen to Andorra’s last entry to Eurovision back in 2009 right here: Get A Life

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