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Total Points received: 1531
Points received in the semi finals: 636
Points received in the finals: 1017
Average points per contest:  80.58 (Semi Final + Final)

Croatia debuted back in  1993 and has taken part inevery contest since, their best result came in 199 when they came 4th with 118points with the song “Marija Magdalena”. Now let’s see who Croatiavotes for; In 1st we have Bosnia & Herzegovina on 134 points the lastpoints went as a 7 to Dino. In 2nd we have Malta on 82 points their last pointswent in 2005 to Chiara as 4 points. In 3rd we see Slovenia on 64 in joint withUnited Kingdom. 5th is Macedonia on 49 points. Now who votes for Croatia; in1st we have Slovenia on 105 points last giving 6 points to Croatia in 2009. 2ndwe have Bosnia & Herzegovina on 101 points getting 12 points back in 2009as well. 3rd we have Malta on 62 points last giving Croatia points in 2001 inthe form of 10 to Vanna. 4th we have FYR Macedonia on 56 followed by Turkey in5th on 50 points. Next country up is Cyprus.

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