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It’s nation number three and we are off to Armenia the first nation from the Caucasus to join the contest back in 2006 since then they have been one of the best ranking countries in the whole contest.

Total Points received: 1224
Points received in the semi finals: 525
Points received in the finals: 699
Average points per contest: 204 (Semi Final + Final)

Armenia debuted back in 2006 in Athens  where they finished 8th with 129 the 2nd best debut of any Caucasus nation and one of the most impressive in recent years. So far Armenia has given 66 points to Russia an average of 11 points per contest, the only year that Russia was not awarded 12 points was in2 010when it went to neighbouring Georgia. Joint 2nd on 44 points awarded are Ukraine and Greece., now let’s see if these points are returned. Well from Russia yes Armenia has received 51 points from them an average of 8.5 per contest. 2nd place is the Netherlands on 49 an average of 8.16 and Belgium on 48 an average of 8 per contest. The last two nations both have large Armenian populations living in them  and as a result consistently vote in large numbers for their Homeland.  The next nation up is Austria.

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