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The following countries have tried to compete before and could in Baku. But what has held them back in their attempts before now. I will be having a quick look into why these nations have tried and then not gone any further.
  • Kosovo (Competed in EYD 2011)
  • Lebanon (Issues with Israel in contest)
  • Liechtenstein (Needs EBU Acceptance)
  • Tunisia (Issues with Israel)

Out of the four nations above, Kosovo would be the most likely, this is due to being allowed to compete in Eurovision Young Dancer 2011 in Oslo. The holdbacks to Kosovo attempting to compete are that Kosovo is not a UN member meaning that they cannot be a full EBU member. Serbia, Spain, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan do not recognise Kosovo as an independent nation, this means participation is still a long way off. But Kosovo does have the passion for the contest, RTK is constantly trying to find money to get them to a contest and the Kosovan fans are incredibly eager to see their nation in the contest unlike some former participating nations like Monaco and Luxembourg.

Lebanon has tried to compete and even got a song ready and were ready to go to Kiev until Lebanon hit a snag with the EBU. They would not broadcaster the Israeli song which went on to finish 4th. Lebanon would have sent Aline Lahoud with “Quand tout s’enfuit” via the Tele Liban channel. Some say the withdrawal may have had nothing to do with Israel but to do with the financial circumstances surrounding Tele Liban, it is according to many Lebanese poorly watched and has little money due to the government corruption surrounding the station. Lebanese participation is still doubtful due to all other Lebanese stations have political alliances to parties. There are also no other EBU member channels in the nation.

Liechtenstein has got close to participating three times now and has then had a problem regarding their funding or TV channel. In 1976 Biggi Bachman wanted to go to The Hague with “Little Cowboy” the song was ready and he wanted to go but there was one major problem Liechtenstein did not have a TV channel until 2008. In 2009 IFLTV announced they wanted to join the EBU and wanted to go to the 2010 contest in Norway. They even had plans for a national selection process similar to the current German one but their application was not accepted in time to be on the final list. Then again in 2011 with a application now with the EBU since July 2010 they did not appear again for the 2011 confirmed participant list. We may see them in Azerbaijan if the EBU application is accepted by December and they have the budget.

 Tunisia is the least likely of all the nations that have attempted to enter. In 1977 they were due to participate fourth in London and then they pulled out before they ever had a song. The suspicion is of many that Tunisia did not want to participate with Israel. In 2007 ERTT said that they would not participate for the foreseeable future. But with a change of government there may be a small chance of participating, but still incredibly unlikely.

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