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It’s nation number 2 and Andorra is coming under the scrutiny of Eurovoix. So now lets have a quick look at the figures and facts behind Andorra’s participation in the contest.

Total Points received: 157
Points received in the semi finals: 157
Points received in the finals: 0
Average points per contest: 26.16

Andorra debuted in 2004 in Istanbul, Turkey and sent the song “Jugarem a estimar-nos” which placed 18th with 12 points all of which were from neighbouring Spain. So far Andorra has given 60 points to Spain over their six contest on average 10 per contest, their most recent 12 points back in 2009 went to Spain who came 23rd with 23 points. It also seems that Spain has a bit of a love for Andorra giving them a total of 54 points in the 5 contest in which Spain could vote for Andorra, this average 10.8 points in 5 contest the lowest of the points given was 8 in 2006. The next country that has given Andorra a significant amount of points is Estonia with 8 points, these were given in 2008 in the form of 3 points and 5 points in 2007. The highest amount of points they have received in one contest in recent years from a nation other than Spain is in 2007 when they received 7 points from the Czech Republic.

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