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Ell & Nikki Stamps

3 thoughts on “Ell & Nikki Stamps”

  1. Hej!

    These news are wrong. I called the German post today. There is NO stamp in Germany about Ell and Nikki and Eurovision and no one is planned.

    May be a private postal service will issue one, but there will not be an official German stamp about it.

  2. Im a sorry to hear this I was using an Azerbaijani source for this information. I shall change the information now.

  3. No problem. It could happen that wrong news are on the web.
    When I have seen the news I was a bit angry, as we had no stamp after Lenas voctory and also no one for the ESC 2011 itself. So it would have been really not fair to print a stamp for the Azerbaijani victory. Also I really like the song this would have made many people in Germany angry. Because of that I called the German postal service today and a nice woman told me that there are no plans about such a stamp in Germany. But I can

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