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This is a new series for Eurovoix which will cover all those nul point moments through the contests 55 year history. Nul point did not happen until Eurovision 1962 in Luxembourg when four countries all received nul points, we are now onto the following countries who received nul point in 1963: 


Now lets look at the first nul point of 1963 and this was the Netherlands:

Song: Een Speedldoos (A Musical Box)
Artist:  Annie Palmen
Music:  Pieter Goemans
Lyrics:  Pieter Goemans
Conductor:  Eric Robinson
Language: Dutch

The song describes the romance between a shepherd and a shepherdess, both of whom are figures on a musical box. Palmen explains that, even when the music was played, the duo could not move any closer to each other. After the supernatural intervention of “a fairy”, the two became a couple. This song gave the Netherlands the record of being the first country to do 2 years running receiving nul points. Poor Netherlands let’s see if things improve in the years to come.

Now we are onto Finland:
Song: Muistojeni Laulu (The Song Of My Memories)
Artist:  Laila Halme
Music:  B

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