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Eurovision 2012 dates and venue are to be discussed in Geneva, Switzerland on the 20th of June. According to the meeting will be held by the EBU to discuss the final venue and dates for Baku. In a press conference today in Azerbaijan the head of ITV aid that the contest will be “the most beautiful, grandest contest” He also confronted the claim of Azerbaijan using its finances to win, he said” I ask you not to focus on the finance. This is a victory for Azerbaijani Music, Culture, Eldar and Nigar.” 

Regarding visas Mr Omarov went on to say “given the interest of the international community and, especially, Europe in this contest. All diplomatic bodies abroad will be tasked with issuing travel visas and other documents for Azerbaijan in a timely fashion, the latest changes to visas issuance procedure will allow online visa applications to Azerbaijani embassies”

Also, Eldar and Nigar, attended the press conference, thanked those who had believed in them and congratulated the Azerbaijani people on the victory. Regarding possible withdrawals , Ismayil Omarov stated that he would “regret” the likely absence of Armenia from the competition next year.

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