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Round Up of Each Countries Performance This Year p11

So the Eurovision Song Contest is gone for another year and the majority of us will drift off back to normality, but for the diehard fans it carries on year round. So how did this year’s contest go for each of the countries this year, this is the a-z of this year’s countries.

Turkey SF1: 13:

Turkey will be very annoyed at a non-qualification this is their worst result ever since the introductions of the semi finals in 2004. Their songs this year was poor and out classed easily by Georgia, there will be huge pressure on the broadcaster TRT to start and open selection. This is a big blow for Turkey but they will be back in 2012 and hopping across to their friends Azerbaijan for a sing-song.

Ukraine Final: 4:

I am sorry that I wrote off this year’s Ukrainian entry, as maybe Jamala mania blocked my view. This song is actually very good and Mystic Meg the sand artist adds a nice touch. Joking aside this is a very good result for Ukraine, although there is mounting pressure on NTU to actually provide a fair platform in the national final, let’s see that for 2012.

United Kingdom Final: 11:

This is a brilliant year for the United Kingdom in Eurovision, viewing figures up 5.5 million and a results 10x better than last year what more can be asked of Blue. This is the UK’s third best result in just under a decade and now the BBC has to live up to expectation now. I would love to see a UK win in the next 5 years as a fellow Britain. I can’t wait to see our entry next year.

And that is it for this year’s round up, I have had great fun covering the contest this year, we will be back year round covering JESC, Melodi Grand Prix (Possibly) and even Bundesvision. See you.

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