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Big Five Rehearsals

He are yesterdays Big Five Rehearsals, once again we will not be giving detail to the entries for personal reasons, we will however for these countries give them my review from last month. So let’s start off with France:

“Sognu” will be the first of the Big Five to perform on the final night in position 11. “Sognu” is a truly brilliant song unlike anything, we have see in Eurovision in years. Amaury’s voice is just beautiful and the Corsican language is truly outstanding, his voice being an Opera singer suits the song brilliantly.  There is something just truly special about this song, it has an Italian feel to it and a sense of class. I rate this song incredibly highly it is bound to get a top 10 finish, I’m still not sure whether it is right for Eurovision and the people who watch it yet, this will be tester for future songs. France has made an outstanding choice going through the same internal selection as normal which always means you get the best quality around. Quick Fact: France has not placed in the top 5 for 9 years since 2002’s “Il faut du temps” and has not won Eurovision in 34 years.

Up now is Italy who will be performing in 12th after France:

“Madness of Love” is another great song, it has an amazing feel to it, the Italian makes it stand out from the crowd. Raphael’s skill on the piano adds something special to it after coming straight after France’s “Sognu”. The Italian and English allows it to be far more accessible to people, it also has the impact of making the Italian stand out. This will get a lot of votes from a wider range of people, it has a nice feel up until the end where the high notes kill it at the end. However it allows the song to go out with a bang. This will place in the Top 15 of the competition hopefully, I fear it will be overshadowed by the French but Opera and Italy’s song are quite away apart. It is great to see Italy back, look forward to the 12 from San Marino.

Up next is the United Kingdom in 14th:

“I Can” is a great modern Blue number, it has every characteristic of a Blue song. The lyrics are great and it should make a big impact as being just before or after the advert break. The United Kingdom have finally gone with a big name band that know what they are doing, they have a big European following meaning a good chance of votes. It has the wider appeal than the classical songs of Italy and France. Whilst having the one song buffer will help, if they have another great song like Hungary or Sweden before them their hopes are dashed a bit. Quick Fact: This year was the first time in its history that it has chosen an act through an internal selection. This year will definitely show how it has worked out for the United Kingdom.
Up next in 16th position oh home soil is Germany being represented by Lena defending her title: 
“Taken By A Stranger” will be performed 16th in the final just one song after the United Kingdom entry. This song is a great song it has a very interesting feel to it, it is unlike “Satellite” and has a much darker feel than the other songs. The staging of the song is a bit odd with people in silver body suits. I think this will do quite well not as well as lat year it will get a top 15 finish, Lena will still though create a great atmosphere in Dusseldorf and will be a great person to hand over the crown. Quick Fact: Lena is one of only three artists ever to come back the next year to defend their Eurovision crown.
Fianlly for th Big Five in 22nd position  is Spain:
“Que me quiten lo bailao” is performed 22nd in the running’s in the final it a very upbeat happy song that juts makes you feel positive. Lucia seems to be a very friendly character and she is incredibly popular in Galcia where she will be the first Galcian to represent Spain at Eurovision. I feel this song may be a bit dated for Eurovision but it will have its fans and I’m one of them. This will probably place in the lower part of the field in the final not making a top 10 result for Spain. Quick Fact: The last time Spain performed in the last couple of positions it came last in 2009 after Soraya’s vocals went on stage.

Sorry for the delay but we hope you enjoyed today’s insight into the rehearsals.

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