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OGAE Serbia Voting Results

OGAE Serbia today has released its voting results for this year’s contest being held in Dusseldorf Germany. All I’m going to say is that these votes change everything.
  • France 12
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina 10
  • Estonia 8
  • Slovenia 7
  • United Kingdom 6
  • Hungary 5
  • Germany 4
  • Sweden 3
  • Poland 2
  • Italy 1

We now see France pulling a  6 point lead over Hungary who have now received a poor number of points in  the last two results. The UK has pulled an 11 point lead over Sweden and the UK is now just 19 points behind Hungary. He also see Bosnia & Herzegovina catching Azerbaijan being just 8 points behind now. Here are more in-depth results from ESCToday: OGAE Votes

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