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Daily News: May 3rd 2011

Today we have all of the videos from the days rehearsals plus Paradise Oskar launches his own blog about his experience in Dusseldorf.

Paradise Oskar Shares Dusseldorf With Us:
Paradise Oskar has launched his blog covering his time in Dusseldorf competing for Finland with “Da Da Dam”. Here is the link to Paradise Oskar’s blog: Paradise Oskar . Here is my review of this year’s Finnish entry: 

“Da Da Dam” is the sweetest song with one of the strongest messages of all song in the past few years. This song is bound to get votes from the family voters it has the charm of the guitar and the message of climate change is a big draw. It will make people vote and the reference to a small child and his journey touches the heart. Paradise Oskar only entered YLE’s national final to get a message out and was never expecting to win the contest with 46% of the vote. Even if this song does not make it through to Saturday it will get references from all the commentators during voting and during the semi final “Da Da Dam” may even be song throughout the Esprit Arena. I see this song either not doing well coming 15-12th or getting through within 6-9th place. I wish the Finish entry the best of luck and I personally hope to see this song up on stage with 100s of millions of viewers from across the Globe, with him sending out a great message.

Sweden Unhappy with Todays Rehearsals:
Sweden delayed it’s press conference after rehearsals today. The Swedish team today seemed very unhappy with today’s performance from Eric Saade, from what has been heard today Eric’s singing was poor and Sweden are severely disappointed. So far we know that Eric has a sore throat so is nursing his voice. Here is my personal opinion of this year’s Swedish entry “Popular”:

“Popular” is this year’s fan favourite and Sweden want to make it back to the Finals with a bang. Eric Saade is an excellent performer and I hope we see glass panels in Dusseldorf. The song is good but a bit repetitive to begin with the lyrics frustrated me but a song that has stayed number no.1 in Sweden for over a month must be good. Sweden take the contest incredibly seriously. This song will place very highly in the semi finals within 1st-3rd place and should place Sweden a top.10 placing in the finals. This is one of the my favourite songs from Sweden placing for me behind 2010,09,08.05. I wish Sweden incredibly good luck in this year’s contest and wish them their best placing in years.

All of Todays Rehearsals: 
Bosnia & Herzegovina:









That is all of today’s news as always we will have the news again tomorrow and also remember to join our Twition to get the Czech Republic back: Get the Czechs back

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