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Daily News: May 4th 2011

Here is todays big news from Dusseldorf and the artists, we will see later today’s rehearsals from the final part of semi final 2 and also Stella Mwangi new album:

Blue Makes it’s to BBC Radio:
BBC Radio 2 has finally today added “I Can” to their playlists after mounting pressure from the fans and the public. Today was also see Blues entry “I Can” reaching 7th in the iTunes which this week is the biggest gaining track by far this week, coming form nowhere to 7th in just over four days. You buy the boys track here Amazon or on iTunes. Good luck Blue from Eurovoix and the United Kingdom.

Dana International Cancels Press Conference:
Dana who today performed “Ding Dong” live at the rehearsals cancelled her press conference, it seems that she and Israeli delegation were not happy with today’s rehearsals. So far we don’t have much to go by but you can watch the Israeli rehearsal at the end of the news.

Jedward & Lena Is that Even Possible?
Today Lena the winner of Eurovision 2009 with “Satellite” who is returning to defend her crown with “Taken By A Stranger” gave the twins Jedward a lift to the arena. But this was not ordinary lift, the boys were picked up by a limousine with Lena inside and chauffeured to the Esprit Arena. The boys tweeted this as they were waiting: “We are both dressed as Prince Charmings and ready to meet The Queen of Lena!” You can see their rehearsal at the bottom of the page.

Stella’s New Album:
Stella Mwangi is too be releasing a new album called Kinanda which will feature new material, she has been working on the album in the run up to this year’s contest. Apart from that not much is known about the album or if is will feature what is her biggest hit to date “Haba Haba” this year’s Norwegian entry. Here is a sneak peak at the album cover, which is truly outstanding. Kinanda

So lets see all of todays 10 rehearsals:

FYR Macedonia:








We will be back tomorrow with more news but at an earlier time of around 5pm. Until then thanks.

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