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Ukraine: UA:PBC Confirms Clause in Contract That Requires Cancellation of Russian Performances

The Director of Media Relations at UA:PBC has confirmed that the contract MARUV has been presented with contains a clause regarding Russia.

Posting on her Facebook account Viktoriia Sydorenko, Director of Public and Media Relations at UA:PBC, has confirmed that MARUV is required to cancel all tours in Russia should she wish to represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv. She also confirmed that the rules of the selection process did not state that singers could not have performed in Russia for them to be eligible to take part in Vidbir.

Representatives of UA:PBC confirmed earlier today that MARUV had 24 hours to cancel all of her planned appearances in Russia. Furthermore, UA:PBC explained that a final decision on whether MARUV will represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv will be taken within 48 hours.

MARUV was named the winner of the Ukrainian national selection on Saturday evening. Despite being named as the winner, UA:PBC reserves the right to accept or decline the act that was selected. Vidbir which is the Ukrainian selection is organised by private broadcaster STB, which has a contract with UA:PBC to organise the selection.

Source: escKaz / UA:PBC 

Ukraine first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2003, when Oleksandr Ponomariov performed “Hasta la vista”. The following year Ruslana brought the country their first win with the song “Wild Dances”. It was a feat that would be replicated in 2016 by Jamala with her song “1944”; her emotionally charged song scored a record 534 points to take victory in Stockholm. In 2017 O.Torvald represented the country on home soil with the song “Time”. The group finished in 24th place, Ukraine’s worst result at the contest to date.

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