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EBU Will Be More Involved in Preparing For Eurovision – Reference Group Chairman

The Head of the Reference Group of the Eurovision Song Contest, has stated that the EBU will now be more involved in preparing for future contests.

Following this years contest in Ukraine, in which there were a number of significant delays and challenges, the Head of the Reference Group has stated the EBU will be more involved in preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest. In an interview with, Dr. Frank-Dieter Freiling, outlined the challenges of this years contest including an increased level of interaction with the Ukrainian compared to normal contests and less of a focus on the host broadcaster.

Mr Freiling added,

This will be a consequence of this Eurovision Song Contest: that the EBU will be more involved in preparing an ESC.

With regards to the cost of the contest and the ability of the likes of Moldova or San Marino to host the contest. Mr Freiling reaffirmed that all broadcasters when they sign up to participate in the event also agree that if they win they will host next years contest. That is a principle that will not be changing. But in the event that either did win the EBU will be more involved in preparations.

Looking forward to next years contest in Portugal, Mr Freiling stated that the Reference Group wants to see a selection process for the host city. Lisbon, the Portuguese Capital, is quite possible as the host city according to the Head of the Reference Group, but that he continues to encourage other cities to bid to ensure Eurovision is a success in the host country.

Dr. Frank-Dieter Freiling has been chairman of the Reference Group since 2009, originally at the German broadcaster ZDF he is a neutral member of the Reference Group, having no ties to a broadcaster involved in the Eurovision Song Contest.


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