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Finland: “No more wedding gigs and more of being an artist” – Lauri Yrjölä

With the final of UMK 2017 just a matter of days away we caught up with Lauri Yrjölä to discuss his career, aspirations and personality.

Lauri Yrjölä is one of ten artists hoping that this Saturday they will be named the Finnish entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. “Helppo elämä” is the song he is hoping will bring him victory and is the only song in this years selection to be performed entirely in Finnish. We spoke to Lauri with just a matter of days to go to the final:

Thanks for taking the time out to speak to us Lauri, in a matter of days you will be performing on the UMK stage, what is going through your mind?

No problem I like doing these interviews! Surprisingly my mind is at ease. I’m just waiting for the rehearsals in the Arena to get familiar with the stage and polish the choreography there. Singing won’t be an issue ’cause that’s what I do best and enjoy the most.

You’ve gone from performing covers to potentially representing Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest, how does that feel?

It feels good since I’ve been transforming my mindset towards playing my own music for about a year now. No more party or wedding gigs and more of being an artist who performs his own material.

What was your motivation behind taking part in UMK?

It would be cool to take modern Finnish pop to Europe and make it popular there. No one has ever done that before. I mean singing in Finnish. And this is a great way to gain some publicity for my music. After all I’m planning a career and not just a one hit wonder.

You are the only singer to be competing with a song performed in Finnish, what was it that made you decide not to sing in English?

My music needs to be in Finnish ’cause that’s how I can express myself the best. That way I don’t have to make any compromises. So in a way it wasn’t a decision, it’s how it’s supposed to be 🙂 Besides everyone’s singing in English these days so it’s getting kind of boring. We have these different languages that we could use to create new sounds for foreign people but it’s just English this and English that 😀

Lauri Yrjola
“I’ll be learning stuff ’till the grave”

Can you tell us more about the song and the message of it?

I’m singing about a bohemian person who wants to think deeply and save the world and be compassionate but who has no discipline or perseverance. Someone who wants things quick and easy. That person is quite the opposite of me in the sense that I like to put time and effort in whatever I do.

And since I’ve been asked about the chords of the song, here goes:

Verse: G#m7-Badd9-F#sus4-C#7sus4 and in the end of 1st Eadd9

Chorus: G#m7-Badd9-F#sus4-C#7sus4

Bridge: Eadd9-D#m7-G#m7-F#add11/G#

So it’s pretty much like Wonderwall but in a different key

What is your first memory of the Eurovision Song Contest and what song do you think sums you up most as a person?

I don’t know if I’m mixing World Cup of soccer with ESC but I remember asking my mom about the countries and I wanted the closest one to Finland to win 😀 I didn’t care about the music 😀

But my all time favorite is Calm After the Storm by the Common Linnets ’cause I love country music. Probably has something to do with the fact that I’m down to earth kind of guy.

If you win UMK what would you do to celebrate?

Hard to say. I don’t like to celebrate I like to be alone at home 😀 Maybe I drink a glass of champagne and leave without a notice 😀

And now a fun question: What five words would you describe yourself with and why?

Reliable, creative, hard working, funny and young. I’m already 34 years old so for the first four I can say that I know myself at least a bit and for the “young” I like to learn new stuff and it seems that when people consider themselves as old they start talking how they can’t this and can’t that. That’s not me. I’ll be learning stuff ’till the grave 😀

Finally do you have a message for your fans and the readers of

I hope to see you in Kiev. But if not, I’m still gonna keep on making great music so if you like Helppo elämä you might like my other stuff too. So follow me on Instagram @lauriyrjola, Twitter @LauriYrjola, Facebook @yrjolalauri and Snapchat @lauriyrjola to get all the news and updates. Life’s all about music and music’s all about life!

We wish Lauri all the best for the final, you can follow all our coverage regarding Finland in this years Eurovision Song Contest – here. Watch the official music video for Lauri’s entry below:

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  1. I really love both Lauri and his song and I hope this gets sent to Kyiv over “Circle of Light”. I find myself just singing the chorus at random times throughout my day even though I cannot speak a word of Finnish.

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