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6 thoughts on “ESC’17: NTU To Broadcast 2 Hour Debate on Eurovision Host City”

  1. Not Crimea :(, Crimea hosting would be a great twist, so russians understand who Crimea belongs to, please skip the debate, and let Crimea host!

    1. Crimea would be my last choise… I think we have different opinions of where Crimea “belongs”, since the russian occupation actually was a re-occupation, still it has been a part of the Ukraine for so long which makes it quite difficult to say where it belongs. Still hoping for Lviv! 😀

        1. Exactly, therefore it is quite difficult to say where it belongs. Russia’s acting has been very unacceptable though when it comes to the Ukraine and Crimea. Anyway, let’s try to keep politics out of Eurovision. 🙂

  2. If they have a poll among Eurovision fans Lviv would win by a large majority.
    So hopefully they have a poll and show it to the representatives.

    I do think it’s between Lviv and Kyiv and the others are just to fill up the ballot so to speak.

    Go Lviv!

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