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Russia: The Audience Should Decide The Winner

Russia would have won on 100% televote
Russia would have won on 100% televote

The Head of Music Broadcasting at the Russian channel, Channel One has stated their annoyance at the voting in last nights Eurovision final.

Channel One has stated that the Ukrainian jury did not give anything to Russia, while the Ukrainian public gave their 12 points to Russia. The same did occur with the Ukrainian jury to Russia, while the Ukrainian public gave their 10 points to Russia. Mr Yuri Akutsya told Channel One that:

For me, the most important thing is the results of the audience voting! Because music is as a whole composed of the audience! A professional jury that is for another some form of music scores.Viewers, listeners appreciate the song, so I think that in this case its a victory for Lazarev! Lazarev won.

If the results had been 100% televote the end result for the top.5 countries would have been as follows:

  1. Russia – 361 points
  2. Ukraine – 323
  3. Poland – 222
  4. Australia – 191
  5. Bulgaria – 180

Sergey Lazarev the Russian entry told Channel One after the contest that:

As the saying goes, everybody loves a winner! I congratulate Jamala! The Australian was remarkable, and she won the jury. Well, I am happy that the audience voted for Russia! For my song, so I have no frustration, frankly, no!

Russia had been favourites to win the contest in the betting odds for months before the contest. In the end Russia missed out on Eurovision victory by 43 points.

Source: Channel One


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  1. They only said that because they wanted to win, If the jury put them first instead of the televoting they would say they only want the jury!

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