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9 thoughts on “JESC: Big changes announced”

  1. Let’s just hope this is the only edition to be screen on Sunday. From 2017 onward, it should be on Saturdays again. Needless to say, the maximum age should be 15 again from 2017.

  2. It seems that the EBU is changing everything so Germany can participate. If with these changes more new countries want to participate i am fine with it. If not change it back!

    1. JESC forever, ok? I’ve seen tons of negative comments on Wiwibloggs in which people wanted JESC to die after this year. Hopefully, original format returns next year. 😉

      1. I agree. It should not be a “too childish” show like early 2000 editions. Let’s hope the contest at least will be broadcast on a Saturday 2017.

  3. Hello I have a question the children that participate in junior eurovisio should be 14 or shouldnt have comlited 14 Should be 13?

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