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Romania: Possible Exclusion From ESC 2016

Ovidiu Anton, who won the Romanian national final

Australian news channel ABC reports that Romanian broadcaster TVR may be banned from participating is this year’s Eurovision Song Contest due to a debt of around 9 million euros to the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union.

Ovidiu Anton and his song “Moment Of Silence” may be excluded from the contest if TVR does not pay the finances they owe the EBU for four years now. The EBU commented:

In a letter to the Finance Minister of Romania, Anca Dragu, sent on 15 April, the EBU requested a down payment of $13 million to be received by close of business on Wednesday 20 April 2016, or face exclusion

According to ABC the EBU asked TVR for a unconditional and irrevocable bank guarantee for the debt and a payment plan for the rest of the year. According to the EBU, if TVR does not pay the amount

This will have a number of consequences, one of which is that TVR will not be allowed to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2016

According to TVR they paid back 250,000 euros in January but are unable to fulfil the liabilities after reporting a financial loss of 5.4 million euros in 2015. According to ABC, Romania’s Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said the government would be seeking to broker a solution to avoid being locked out of a competition watched by a global audience of 197 million last year.


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