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Sweden: Lotta Bromé Announced As Commentator

Lotta hopes she can keep up with the voting

SVT has announced their commentator for the three shows at this years Eurovision Song Contest.

Lotta Bromé will be commentating on the show by herself taking over the role from Edward af Silléns and Sanna Nielsens who commentated in Vienna for SVT. Lotta has worked at SVT for a number of years and has been on the Swedish jury at the Eurovision Song Contest before. Lotta said she is looking forward to guiding the Swedish viewers through the show but hopes that she will be able to keep up with the voting.

Source: SVT

2 thoughts on “Sweden: Lotta Bromé Announced As Commentator”

  1. Lotta has a awesome Radio Voice. She is very good at what she’s does. Sweden couldn’t pick a better person then Lotta to guide them through Eurovision! She has my vote! Best of luck Lotta.

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