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Ukraine: Vogue To Decide Jamala’s Outfit

Vogue teams up with Jamala
Vogue teams up with Jamala

Vogue Ukraine will decide the outfit that Jamala will wear at Eurovision 2016 alongside the singer herself.

The Ukrainian edition of the world renowned fashion magazine opened a competition to designers to design the outfit that Jamala will wear on stage in Stockholm. The singer gave a brief to the designers saying that:

Personally, I see the bottom as trousers, as I a singer who moves about the stage, not dancing , but is moving. Trousers give a stable position on the stage, which is important for this particular song. I imagine a modern girl, cosmopolitan, without being tied to a particular culture. It is close to all, and everyone will see it yourself. I am not against prints and ornaments.

Eight submissions have been placed online by Vogue with the magazine asking readers to vote for the design they feel is the best for Jamala. You can see all the designs and vote for your favourite here.


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