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Iceland: Elísabet Ormslev – Interview

Elisabet is singing “Á ný”

It’s two days to go until the final of the Icelandic selection and we caught up with Elísabet Ormslev. Elísabet is the only singer performing in Icelandic in the final, we discuss the decision behind that, her experience on the Voice and how she came to work with Greta Salome.

Firstly thanks for talking to us, how are your preparations going ahead of the final on Saturday?

Everything is going really well, we are rehearsing and figuring out a few final details. I can’t wait!

You are the only singer that will be keeping their song in Icelandic for the final, what was it that made you decide to stay in Icelandic and not switch to English?

I have always been a sucker for gorgeous songs sung in their native language in Eurovision. My favorite song of all time is Molitva (Serbia 2007). That’s a good example of a song that just works in Serbian. I feel like my song does that as well, so Greta and I both agreed to take a risk and go with our gut instincts. I’m really happy that we did.

Last year you participated in The Voice of Iceland what was that like to take part in?

It was so much fun and certainly opened a lot of doors for me. I met some amazing people who are close friends of mine today and got to work with really talented people.

How would you describe your style as a singer and who is your biggest musical influence?

I’m a soul-r&b-pop singer I suppose, although I don’t want to categorize myself as a singer too much. My biggest musical influence is Adele and has been for many years.

Your song is called “Á ný” can you tell us more about it?

It’s a beautiful, haunting, powerful ballad. It’s about missing someone or losing someone and feeling like the loss haunts you all the time.

The song was written by Greta Salome who is also competing in the Icelandic selection this year, how did the collaboration come about?

I have known Greta since I was 4 years old when we learned violin together. Greta called me soon after The Voice and wanted to work with me. The song caught my attention immediately so here we are!

What would it mean to you to represent Iceland in May?

I can’t even describe how honored I would be. It’s an experience that I can only imagine to be amazing.

Finally do you have a message for your fans and the readers of

Thank you so much for all your sweet messages and support over the past few weeks. I love you and hope to see you in Stockholm in May! x

We wish Elísabet the best of luck for the final this weekend, see her performance from the second semi final below:

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