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Here’s another interview, this time with Rykka who is taking part in the Swiss national selection Die Entscheidungsshow with her song “The last of our kind”. Here’s what she had to say!

Hi Rykka! Congratulations on qualifying for the final of Die Entscheidungsshow !

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself, and how you got into music?

I stared singing when I was very young. My mother taught my brother, sister and I to sing in three part harmony and we sang for dinner guests and Swiss Meetings in Vancouver, just like the von Trapp kids in The Sound Of Music. After that, I bought myself a saxophone and a guitar from a pawn shop, with my first paycheque when I was 16.

Who influences in your music?

A lot of the music I grew up listening to with my parents was Joni Mitchell, Supertramp, Steve Miller… now I love Lykke Li, Mø, and a lot of my friends’ bands like Rococode, Jadea Kelly, Claire Mortifee.

Can you tell about how you got selected to compete at the SRF/RTR broadcaster selection for Die Entscheidungsshow ?

I applied online, and got chosen by vote and jury to sing at the Expert Check. From there, there was a jury who chose 6. I’m one of them! Last Sunday I went for my training day at the SRF and worked with a choreographer and a vocal coach to get ready for the big show on Feb 13!

The song you will sing at Die Entscheidungsshow is called “The last of our kind”. Can you explain what the song is all about?

The Last Of Our Kind is an “End Of The World’ song about standing up for love when everything is falling apart. I love end of the world movies, they’re my favourite! So I wanted to write an exciting song about what might happen when everything falls apart.

What are your favourite songs and artists from the history of the Eurovision Song Contest?

I love Conchita Wurst and her song. I was so happy when she won!

What would it feel to represent Switzerland at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm?

It would feel unreal! It would be such a great adventure. I’ve met so many amazing people already through Eurovision, and I don’t want it to stop just yet! <3

Thank you Rykka for taking your precious time out to answer our questions for Eurovoix and good luck at Die Entscheidungsshow on 13th February!

Thank you so much for your questions and for your support! Lots of love! XOXO Rykka

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