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Spain: Six Finalists To Be Revealed From 28 December

Edurne represented Spain in 2014
Edurne represented Spain in 2014

The six finalists in Spain’s Eurovision 2016 selection are to be revealed from December 28 to December 31, it has been confirmed by RTVE.

The Spanish national broadcaster RTVE will reveal the six names over the course of four days next week. The singers will be announced via RTVE social media accounts across the four days. The six artists have been described by RTVE as professional singers who have current styles and are known for their modern pop music.

The date of the Spanish selection has yet to be announced.

Source: RTVE

2 thoughts on “Spain: Six Finalists To Be Revealed From 28 December”

  1. As a Spaniard, I must say “Do NOT trust the news about the Spanish NF artists coming out tomorrow!!”. It’s the Innocent’s Day (Spanish “April Fool’s”, but we celebrate it in December). The list is supposed to be already leaked, but we still can’t trust it.

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