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Tomorrow Nights Hopefuls
Tomorrow Nights Hopefuls

The finalists in Italy’s Junior Eurovision selection final tomorrow night have been revealed by RAI.

The singers are all participants from past series of “Ti lascio una canzone”, tomorrows show is the first episode of the latest series of the competition on RAI 1. The winner of the show will represent Italy in Bulgaria and will be hoping to replicate the success of Vincenzo Cantiello in Malta last year.

The finalists are:

  1. Clara Palmeri (14 years – 6th edition)
  2. Valentina Baldelli (15 years – 6th edition)
  3. Sophia de Rosa & Andrea Ascanio (10 and 12 years – 7th and 5th edition)
  4. Rebecca Toschi (14 years – 7th edition)
  5. Giovanni Sutera Sardo (14 years – 6th edition)
  6. Chiara & Marina Scarpari (15 years – 7th edition)
  7. Gabriele Acqavia (15 years – 6th edition)
  8. Emanuele Bertelli (13 years – 6th edition)
  9. Claudia Ciccateri (13 years – 7th edition)
  10. Beatrice Coltella & Antonio Licari (11 and 15 years – 5th, 6th and 7th edition)

The selection is live from 21:20 CET tomorrow night on RAI 1.

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