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ARSF’16: China To Host ABU Radio Song Festival 2016?

China To Host The 2016 Festival?

Beijing, China looks likely to be the hosts for the next ABU Radio Song Festival in 2016.

The ABU Radio Song Festival which is tied to the RadioAsia conference was held in Rangon, Myanmar this year. The event itself brings together unsigned singers from across the Asia-Pacific region for a gala event, this years festival saw a total of 9 countries participating with 10 songs performed. The 2016 RadioAsia conference is expected to be held in Beijing, however this has yet to be confirmed, confirmation of the date is expected to be confirmed in the Autumn.

The ABU Radio Song Festival was first held in Seoul in 2012.

Source: Asia Radio Today

1 thought on “ARSF’16: China To Host ABU Radio Song Festival 2016?”

  1. China would be a nice idea, because China as host country would mean a debut of China in the ABU Radio Song Festival (they’ve only attended ABU TV Song Festival so far). 🙂

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