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Europe’s Only Buddhist State In Turkvizyon?

Could Kalmykia be the latest Russian region to debut at the Turkvizyon Song Contest. Kalmykia (Republic of), was one of a number of regions to send a delegation to the opening ceremony of Merv’s time as the Capital of Culture of the Turkic World.

Kalmykia is interestingly the only region in Europe where Buddhism is the largest religion, around 5% of the population has Turkic heritage. We have contacted the Kalmyk broadcaster GTRK Kalmykia TV but have not received a reply from the channel. In the 2014 contest a total of 9 Russian regions competed in the contest held in Kazan, Tatarstan.

To date four countries have confirmed their participation in Turkvizyon 2015.


7 thoughts on “Kalmykia: Turkvizyon Debut In 2015?”

  1. Well, Kalmyks are a mongolian people. Mongols and Turks are both altaic which means they’re strongly related.
    Hungarians are an uralic people which are said to have the same origin as altaics which you can see in their languages and the old cultures and mythologies. Even though they don’t belong to the same language family, Kalmyks and Hungarians have a very strong connection to Turks. And don’t forget that Bosnia-Herzegovina also takes part, and they’re an indo-germanic people with an indo-germanic language…

  2. Seems like journalism on this site is based on speculations and “inventing” news. As earlier mentioned, there is so much wrong information about this contest. Maybe time should be used digging up some good information, and not speculate who’s gonna be in the contest next year (and even send them a mail asking them based on pure speculations).

    1. I have actually contacted the GTRK Kalmykia channel and asked them whether they are participating. We’ve seen that countries and regions that participate in Turkvizyon are normally participating in other TURKSOY events, so writing this article makes sense as we are informing the reader to a possibility that has some substance to it.

  3. Hungary is one of ceremony guests, that’s why i said it. Also, Hungary’s partipication makes sense more than Albania 🙂 They are Hun, every year there is Kurultaj in Bugac and there are millions of people who are Turanist there…

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