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Czech Republic Are Back!
Czech Republic Are Back!

The Czech Republic are returning to the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 5 years. The Czech Republic debuted in the contest back in 2007 and participated in the contest up until 2009, they scored just 10 points in their three years in the contest.

Jon Ola Sand told that:

We are very excited to have Czech Republic return to the Eurovision Song Contest after 5 years of absence, making the Eurovision Family even more complete for the 60th anniversary edition.

This view was echoed by Marketa Stinglova, Manager of International Content Project Center at Czech Television:

Czech Television is happy to be back again in that wonderful competition. After three entries in the previous years we hope to offer Europe a top quality Czech song

The Czech Republic will use an internal selection to pick their song for Vienna. A total of 5 songs will be composed specifically for the contest by a number of well known composers and songwriters, a jury will then select the song that they want to see performed in Vienna.


11 thoughts on “Czech Republic: Are Back In Eurovision”

  1. Dear Czech Republic, with this decision you are the newest country in the list of my favourite European countries. 😀 I hope you will send Lucie Vondráčková with a song like “Zombie”. If you want to be in the Grand Final then send her!!! 🙂

  2. I was surprised when I heard about it. Very unexpectedly. But this is great news! Czech Republic sent the good songs in the past (and very underrated).

  3. I was shocked and surprised. At first, they won’t come back, but now, THEY ARE. I hope Slovakia gets a response. Maybe because of the event Montenegro and San Marino qualify for the first time in Eurovision final. I hope they will, too.

  4. We might hear THIS for the first time – “12 points go to… WELCOME BACK CZECH REPUBLIC! :D”
    We could even hear THIS for the first time as well – “The winner is the Czech Republic!”

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