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Finland: YLE Will Not Take Part In JESC 2014

YLE Will Not Take Part In JESC 2014

YLE the national broadcaster of Finland has confirmed to that they will not take part in Junior Eurovision 2014. Finland was one of a number of countries named back in December as attending a meeting with the EBU about taking part in future editions of Junior Eurovision. Finland has previously expressed an interest in taking part in Junior Eurovision for a number of years.

Kaisa Hilden from YLE’s Communication Department told us that:

I checked from Minna-Mari Parkkinen (Head of Yle Culture and Entertainment)and she told that Yle is not going to participate in Junior Eurovision2014.

So far a total of 10 countries are confirmed to take part in Junior Eurovision 2014.

Source: YLE

7 thoughts on “Finland: YLE Will Not Take Part In JESC 2014”

  1. Finland was our last hope for more than 14 countries. If they would have entered, Denmark, Norway would re-enter and Iceland would have reversed their decision and debut

  2. I am getting really trired of hearing who’s NOT participatung in JESC 2014 … Lithuania, Iceland,Ireland Greece, Hungary, Finland … so who’s next? Macedonia? How about some more confirmations for a change?! Otherwise we might end up again with only 12 countries, just like in the preview years …

    1. I was going to say PREVIOUS years, sorry … and I forgot to mention the UK and Germany, who have also already rejected a JESC 2014 participation ..

  3. I’m hoping for Romania to return, and Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and San Marino to still take part. But I now think that Czech Republic in JESC are very unlikely. Hopefully, we will see 15 countries in Malta!

  4. I thought someone had reported about Kazakhstan being allowed to take part within the Ukraine final this year?
    Does anyone remember that being mentioned after the Ukraine final of 2013?
    Also, there was a chance that Kosovo would be invited to enter. Is there any news on that?

    1. Mikheev, Andy (21 October 2013). “Junior Eurovision News”. Retrieved 10 December 2013. “The finalists of the Academy of Music Eurovision are now getting ready for the main event. In late November, kids will meet again in Kyiv, where they will be trained at the academy and fight for the right to participate in the national qualifying rounds for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Two representatives from Kazakhstan will be eligible to take part in a live broadcast of Ukrainian Junior Eurovision national preselection in Artek in the summer of 2014

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