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Russia: Intervision To Return This October

Intervision’s Logo From It’s Original 4 Year Run

Intervision the Soviet era rival to Eurovision is to return this October when the contest is relaunched in Sochi. The Russian singer and producer Igor Matvienko, told that Russia will be holding their selection on June 15th in Crimea.

The contest will see participants from the Commonwealth of Independent States including Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova, as well as from the Baltics and the likes of South Korea as well as members Shanghai Co-operation Organisation. Mr Matvienko said that:

Once it was a great competition, “Intervision.” Now he is reborn again. If our country will choose a worthy participant who will represent Russia in this competition, it will be even better.

The Russian selection is called “Five stars. Yalta in 2014” and will see 12 participants take part. Mr Matvienko says that the participants are of a high standard, higher than that of American Idol. He went on to say that he was not a fan of the “extreme” winner of Eurovision 2014, Conchita Wurst. He went on to say that with Intervision you will not have to explain to a child why a bearded woman is singing.


5 thoughts on “Russia: Intervision To Return This October”

  1. Russia is just being a child now. But they’ll likely confirm.

    ”You won’t have to explain to a child why a bearded woman is singing” LOL xD Why would they want to know? They would be a bit young to understand what is going on.

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