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London Calling
London Calling

Today it is the turn of the United Kingdom to reveal their points. As part of the Big 5 the United Kingdom qualifies direct for the final of the contest every year. The last time the United Kingdom won in Eurovision was back in 1997, since then it’s been a mixture of poor results and occasional top 10s. This year United Kingdom have turned to Molly Smitten-Downes with the song “Children of the Universe” to fly the flag in Copenhagen.

The British Eurojury is made up of two former Eurovision entrants:

  • Andy Abraham – Eurovision 2008 – “Even If” – 25th in the final
  • Nicki French – Eurovision 2000 – “Don’t Play That Song Again” – 16th in the final

Here are the points from the UK:

  1. Malta – 12 points
  2. Denmark – 10 points
  3. Hungary – 8 points
  4. Norway – 7 points
  5. Armenia – 6 points
  6. Azerbaijan – 5 points
  7. Latvia – 4 points
  8. Sweden – 3 points
  9. France – 2 points
  10. Austria – 1 point

That leaves the top.5 as:

  1. United Kingdom – 136 points
  2. Armenia – 120 points
  3. Sweden – 113 points
  4. Malta – 113 points
  5. Denmark – 104 points

You can find out more about the United Kingdom and their jury here. You can see the points as a list here.

Tomorrow the points from Belgium will be announced.

3 thoughts on “Eurojury: United Kingdom Calling”

    1. I LOVE the Latvian entry AND the Maltese entry! Much better than the “up its on backside” Armenian song and the Danish entry which puts forward a silly song wanting to be taken seriously. At least the Latvian song knows what it is and doesn’t pretend to be something else.

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