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Europe Start Voting!
Europe Start Voting!

Today we have finally got the 37th and last song in this years Eurovision Song Contest which means that it is time for us to open our annual vote.

In each vote there is 70 places, once all of these places are filled we will open a new voting link. So Europe start voting now!

  • Vote here.
  • Watch the current round of voting scores come in here, see the scores in a table here or as a list here.

Watch the first round of scores come in here, see the scores in a table here or as a list here.

Here is a recap of all of the songs courtesy of ESC+Plus:


17 thoughts on “Eurovoix Vote: Eurovision 2014!”

  1. omg this site must be plagues with OGAE fan-wankers, Spain, Austria, San Marino and Romania are way too high, and Germany and Finland are too low. thank god some of these entries will be crushed in Eurovision Times ‘The Eurovision Knock-out”.

      1. I suppose these different tastes is what Eurovision is all about, you will rarely get a scoreboard in the finals or semi finals which is exactly your preferred ranking because it takes into account everyones tastes to get a combination.

  2. I’m going to wait till I’m 100% sure with my ranking before I vote, but so far it would look like this:

    12pts Germany
    10pts Norway
    8pts Sweden
    7pts Denmark
    6pts Armenia
    5pts England & Wales
    4pts Finland
    3pts Greece
    2pts Hungary
    1pts Isreal

    (Its so hard to cut it down to 10 countries)

      1. the Scottish have pissed me off recently with this whole independence thing, so I’m disowning them even though I’m at university up there now, they’re saying they’re going to make people from the rest of UK still pay fee’s for university but people in Scotland and in the EU will be getting it free when they become independent!!?? and I haven;t included Northern Ireland, as they should be all one country with Ireland, like Northern Cyprus is with the rest of Cyprus.

  3. Scotty you are soooo worryy , relax boy , Germany and Finland are in the last places here just because deserve it, point

      1. Hi Anthony. I was checking out the table when I saw that my votes were completely wrong. My votes were intended to be:

        12- Finland
        10- The Netherlands
        8- Poland
        7- United Kingdom
        6- Lithuania
        5- Malta
        4- Germany
        3- Greece
        2- Hungary
        1- Estonia

        I don’t know if these are someone else’s votes that were accidentally attributed to me or if it was something I did wrong on the form, but those votes certainly weren’t intended to be mine. :-/

        1. yey we should get more of the Eurovision Times community other here 🙂 🙂 I’m on my own most of the time on this site. If more people from ET where over here the results would start changing.

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